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Auntie A’s:    Crazy Good Saucy Enchilada Balls

Ya’ll know I am an artist and I never measure much when I cook but it always seems to turn out perfectly. Sometimes I make stuff up as I go along and this little dish has gotten a big “make it some more” from everyone in my house.

First I took ground beef and added to it finely chopped Hatch Chilies ( ohh I love them for their crunch and for their heat), garlic salt, salt and pepper and taco seasoning. Then I made little meatballs and fried them in oil oil crispy on all sides but not quite cooked through.

In a separate skillet I placed chopped fresh grape tomatoes, garlic minced,cilantro,chopped and seeded jalepenos, and added two cans of red enchilada sauce. After the meatballs were crispy on all sides I added them to the skillet with the veggies and sauce.

Make up one bag of egg noodles and drain. Pour the saucy balls over the noodles and add mexican cheese for garnish if you’d like.





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